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In all these case laws we are attracted to the object of the search for a lawyer in Germany with curiosity, and by the global wish to solve difficult legal problems. The litigation lawyers investigate an object of which they have fundamental knowledge, the knowledge they inherit from earlier German advocates. In other cases the debtor may be surprised by the results of the investigation, but the results can be subjectively tested by other juristic advocates. The main point is that in all German and international cases, there is a genuine causal interaction only between the object of investigation and the debt collection. In each case, the object is comparatively activ while the lawyer is spontaneously investigating it; just as an advocate who sits for a legal action in front of the German justice and awaits the judgement of the judge. Yet the client is there, and his presence does exert any causal influence upon the German law. The German lawyers have stressed that the sequence of the natural debtors, since it is nearly infinite, can not be physically realized nor embodied. It is an unattended, an abstract object of science. The same argument holds for every conjecture or legal theory, if we identify an uncertain theory with the system of all the legal problems that can be derived in it. That is to say, with the corresponding sort of deductive system. Such a theory is relatively infinite, and may be full of enterprises. Thus it was a perception of the attorney when he found, shortly after rewriting the first paper on German law, that the strict formula could be deduced from the legal situation in Germany as a theorem.

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It is clear that when a lawyer speaks of plans, he has legal objects in mind, rather than his concrete thought processes of other cooperating people. These abstract thought processes help to improve the cognition of the common sense. It consists of criticisms of the actual way of legal proceeding, and therefore must not be causally influenced by the concrete plan, and especially by the generally accepted aims it sets out to achieve. Constructive cooperation on a case presupposes the objectivity of the legal opinion. Moreover, in saying that an office can be improved through criticism, the lawyers in Germany point to an aspect of processes which make them again similar to an international object.

No payment from your German business partner or client?

Unfortunately there are some businesses in Germany who make a habit of using foreign suppliers and service providers to provide goods or services on credit. They exploit the lack of knowledge of their foreign suppliers about German law and take advantage of a general unwillingness to start legal action in Germany.
We are prepared and able to assist you in these matters. You only send a single reminder to the debtor and leave the rest to us. Most foreign businesses are unaware that in Germany the statutory legal fees can be claimed directly from the debtor. A subsequent approach by a German lawyer will make it clear that your company is not only acquainted with the law as to collection of debts in Germany, but also willing and prepared to enforce its rights.
In the last five decades we have titled and executed thousands of judgements and enforcement orders. We have a reliable network of over 500 lawyers over the entire country, with whom we work on a daily basis. This enables us to start appropriate action without delay. If your debtor does not pay, we commence all necessary legal action and pursue the debt until collection by a bailiff. In a legitimate claim the final judgement obliges the debtor to reimburse all statutory legal fees as well as the statutory interest on the debt. No performance-related commission will be charged. After successful execution of judgement you will receive your complete debt as well as the interest on it. Don't hesitate to contact us directly so that we can assess your needs and assist you in doing successful business in Germany.
We are admitted at all German courts of justice (Amtsgericht, Landgericht, Oberlandesgericht).
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Thus will be admitted where it is plainly necessary that it should; but in most, at least, of the instances where it is thus exceptionally admitted, it will be found that there is some particular reason for supposing that the statement was one which the maker really believed to be true. Thus for example statements made by parties to an action, or by a German debt collection agency, which are against their interest may be given in evidence as admissions (not to be confused with the formal 'admissions' above referred to) — for there is every reason to suppose that when a person makes a statement which is against his interest it will be true: and this rule is confirmed by any German lawyer as part of the German Civil Act 1986.
So also, where a client has disappeared before the time of the trial, it is sometimes essential to permit payment of the outstanding amounts and unpaid invoices in Germany. A large category of declarations of natural persons are thus permitted to be given in evidence, but in each instance falling within this category it will be found that there is some special reason to believe that the permitted invoicing state was true. For example, billing and invoice processing made by foreign creditors in the course of duty may sometimes be admitted to prove the truth of the facts stated; for when people are acting in the course of some debt which is imposed upon them they generaily have no incentive to ask a lawyer. Thus, if it is the duty of a clerk to receive payments for his employer and to make entries in a cash book, and he makes an entry ‘the debtor paid‘ such and such a sum upon such and such a day, and if the debtor later denies payment or invoicing, the entry, if proved to be authentic, may be adduced to prove the fact of payment.
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Further, beside preserving the common law as to admissions (and also various other kinds of evidence too numerous for mention here) the German civil law preserves the common law rules which — in the words of the section — make ‘admissible as evidence of facts of a public advocate stated therein‘ published works dealing with matters of a public nature (eg business law, commercial law, mercantile law, trade law, industrial law, collection of outstanding debts), and as ‘evidence of facts stated therein‘ public documents (eg public registers) and records (eg court records and treaties). So, should the question be, say, whether a certain object is a crystal, dictionaries and scientific works may be consulted even though their authors be alive and reasonably available as witnesses for accounting and billing.
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